It seems a little pointless to ask what it would be like to live in the realization that healing is so far off. To become clean is a foregone conclusion. It isn’t possible for me. We see this lame beggar in John 5…healing is something that is beyond him. He’s settled into this reality.

This is a situation that we all know too well. Could we really be healed? Could we really be clean? Could we really be more?

The deeper reality is that it only takes the tiniest spark. As C.S. Lewis noted in The Great Divorce, “…the tiniest spark can be fanned into flame.” That tiny spark comes in the faintest realization that someone else is going to have to place us in that water. For the beggar, this is only half right, but it is right. My healing is contingent on the work of another.

He just so happens to be able to do it without the water. He can do it with only a word.

Waters stirred
Let me in
If only healing could begin

Waters stirred
can't get in
If only someone would put me in

Waters Stirred
Breath and Wind
By His word
Healing would begin

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