I recently heard Jonathan Martin say something to the effect that we sometimes believe the people who have living water flowing out of them are the spiritually elite. The best of all the followers of God. He went on to explain that the reality is, we often don’t know we have a stream of living water flowing in us until our side gets pierced. What an image.

This woman in John 4 goes out from Jesus into her town, facing all her fears and the entire town comes to know Jesus. Did she know in all her shame that she had a stream of living water in her belly? Most often we don’t…but as Jonathan has said, sometimes it doesn’t mean more holiness, it might just mean more holes.

Which makes me think of a great Frightened Rabbit song,

“You’re acting all holy, me, I’m just full of holes.”

This woman is full of holes, which turns out to be a wonderful thing. More places for the stream to spring up!

Give me something to drink
You look thirsty
You look like you're hurting

Do you mean me, sir?
How is it that you would ask...me?

I'll give you a drink
You look thirsty
You look like you're hurting

Oh, but you don't have a pail
I dont see how we could get any further
How could you give me any water?

It's nothing to me
I'll give you everything
You only need to drink

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