John 3 starts with a Pharisee coming to Jesus for a little theological discussion. He was likely unaware that he would get a bit more of a theological education.

He speaks of what he knows, what he can see.

We’re constantly bringing our preconceived notions of Jesus to him. “I know who you are, I know all about you, Jesus!” The actuality is that it is Jesus who knows all about us. Like Nicodemus, we’re far too concerned with what we bring to the table. If we’re gonna call him ‘teacher’ we will have to let him teach us.

Teacher, we know who you are
We know where you came
No one can do what you've done
Outside of The Name

Let me tell you something true
You want Kingdom come
But you'll need to shed that skin
Start all over again
Water and Spirit
Breath and Wind
You'll need to shed that skin
Start all over again

How can that be?
Shed my skin,
Start again?
Surely you can't mean me

You called me teacher
So let me teach
The Wind blows
Where the Spirit goes
To anyone
To everyone
Who seems out of reach

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