From my own wedding, to all the weddings I’ve attended with all the relatives no one wanted to invite. All the relatives no one wants to like. We’ve seen them, we might be them. Too drunk to stand, underdressed, too loud, or running late (true story: my uncle literally walked in the room as my wife was about to walk down the aisle…there I was up front with my bride coming towards me…and my uncle too).

The funny thing is that Jesus is always most interested to be around the people we don’t want to invite. I wonder what the guests in Cana, the ones on the fringe of the invite list, thought of this whole ordeal? There’s a big part of me that believes Jesus acted, that Jesus brought this better wine mostly for them. Sure, the master of the feast is the only one we see taste it, but Jesus isn’t much for doing things for the people in positions of prominence or power. It’s always the one’s who are too drunk, too dirty, underdressed, and too loud that he finds his way towards. He’d be just at home at the “barely made it” table as he would anywhere else.

Wine – John 2:1-12

Ain't got the right clothes
Shoes don't fit
They got holes
Got greasy hair
Got a dirty soul


I'm at this weddin' anyway
I could use a drink
"Ain't no wine..."
S'what that lady said

Ain't nothin' in them jars, sir
Don't know what y'think
Ain't nobody want that water to drink

They takin'em that cup?


Tried to tell ya, mister
Don't know what y'think
Ain't nobody want that water to drink

He call that good?
Did'e say best?
Must've the wrong idea
Takin' his hostin' a little far
I seen him get that water from the jar


I'm thirsty anyway
Might as well drink

Sir, is there more o' that wine for me?
Don't know what I thought
I'll drink whatever y'got
Every drop

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