This year at The Table we’re teaching through the Gospel of John. This has been a book that has always fascinated me. One of the things I decided to do through this has been to write a poem from each of the sections we’re covering. I’ll post these in order through the year.

I suppose a lot of folks would be happy to write or read another theological blog about a book of the Bible. A lot of times I believe the arts can say what we’re trying to say. What our souls might wanna say. I prefer the latter at this stage in my life with Christ. Art always says what words don’t seem to be able to. Music and poetry always mean what conversations try to mean, what we don’t seem to be able to say.

Up first is “Word” from John 1:1-18.

Flesh and Blood
Bone and Skin
Before time could even begin

Way before any tick-tock
Before anything even reared its head
Before light could spread
There was a Word

Way before the dark ran roughshod all over us
Before the great break occured
There was a Word

Flesh and Blood
Bone and Skin
In a Word
Healing would begin

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